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Pierre Toussaint

Olaf is a book entirely centred on one character.
Apart from his name, we know nothing about him. Olaf settled on the steps of a narrow staircase, on the banks of the Rhône, in the town of Arles.

The photographer, Pierre Toussaint, came across him on the concrete bridge linking the two banks of the river. He approached, then decided to return and spend some time, getting as close as possible to his subject. He stayed for three weeks.

These photographs do not offer an answer to the enigmatic presence of this man. They unfold over the pages in a fragile balance that expresses the need to maintain the right distance, the choice of formal rigour, and the desire to plunge into the sensitive surface.

Like Alberto Giacometti's walking man, St. Olaf retains his mystery, remains ageless and advances towards an indefinite horizon. The book invites us to get closer to an essential part of our humanity, where power and determination are inseparable from vulnerability.

76 pages
210x 300 mm
offset printing
softcover with slaps
interior munken lynx paper 120 gr
600 copies
may 2024
ISBN  978-2-9602590-4-9

28 € 

hand-delivered is possible in Brussels
and in Arles during the first week of the festival   

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one book + a signed print 
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