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EVERANST- michel reuss

Michel Reuss is a photographer who likes to walk, he wanders the streets of Brussels with an inquisitive eye, attentive to details, to seemingly insignificant things. These photographs of banal situations are at the same time precise, fine and aerial, they possess a mysterious charm and are free of any aesthetic prestige. They evoke the work of the Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri and the power of simplicity. One also thinks of the world of the writer Robert Walser, for whom walking is a real creative force that allows one to "brush up against reality". This book invites us to a geopoetic drift through the streets of Brussels. In the Brussels dialect, brusseleir, EVERANST means somewhere.

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60 pages
20,3 x 28,5 cm
laser print on munken 90gr
cover munken 150gr
hand-sewn binding
100 copies

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